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With thousands of foreclosed properties for sale in Metro Manila alone, investors might find it overwhelming for them to choose which property would best maximize their investment. When dealing with foreclosed properties, however, it is not unusual to see quite a number that are not well maintained and would need repairs. But put in mind that the repairs should bring significant value to the property which would cover the related cost.


Buy it

We acquire high-quality, income-producing assets at discounts to replacement cost.

Fix it

We unlock value by proactively addressing any physical or operating issues through aggressive asset management.

Sell it

Once assets are stabilized we sell the investments to long term real estate holders and return capital to our investors.

Foreclosed properties may often need restoration but with W1 Investment our aim is to revolutionize the real estate industry in the Philippines by acquiring secondary and foreclosed properties such as lands and residential communities and turning them into a profitable business.

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Unit 903 Paragon Plaza, EDSA corner Reliance Street, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines


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