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Bliink is a full service end-to-end e-commerce solution for retailers, brands, and manufacturers in the Philippines. The Company’s mission is to grow their clients’ businesses by focusing on enhancing every touch point between the brand and their customers. It provides a flexible solution, detailed processes & operations, innovative technology and performance-based marketing.

With Bliink, outsourcing of various components to outside suppliers and vendors will be at your own convenience.


Most companies are hampered with the effects of poorly managed sales system in the country. Some source of this service is misaligned to the strategies and goals of the company.

Even when plans are aligned to the overall strategy of the company and understood by sales forces, errors cause confusion and frustrations. The inability to design, produce, and deliver meaningful information to sales managers prevents them from making informed decisions.

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(02) 584 6592

Unit 903 Paragon Plaza, EDSA corner Reliance Street, Mandaluyong, Metro Manila, Philippines


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