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Venture News: Lhoopa Updated Bank and Pag-IBIG Loan Guide

December 21, 2017

Getting a loan can be tricky without enough information on what documents to get, or where to start. That said, Lhoopa made a complete guide for both bank and pag-IBIG loan processes in September to help Filipinos understand the procedure when getting a home loan.
However, we noticed that we can further improve the guides by adding important elements such as images, added information, and other tips.
We revamped and relaunched our guide and made it more comprehensive making sure that we cover all the gaps when it comes to getting a loan for buying real estate properties.
The following improvement are as follow:

Pag-IBIG Home Loan Guide

  • We added the pag-IBIG offices links at the bottom of the article to help pag-IBIG members find the nearest offices in their region
  • Updated images and made them more vibrant for easier consumption
  • Added “Loan to Appraisal Value Ratio”

Bank Home Loan Guide

  • Made the images more vibrant and added a whole infographic for easier content consumption
  • Added China Bank and Union Bank to the list of banks that offer home loan together with the required documents
  • Added additional reminders from banks having more strict requirements
  • Included other fees during document filing to give loan applicants the idea on how much to pay when applying
These guides are meant to clear confusions among home loan applicants and also to help them save time when applying.

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